Marlette, Doug

Marlette, Doug

Place of birth: 
Greensboro, NC
Date of birth: 
Place of death: 
Marshall County, MS
Date of death: 

Doug Marlette was a nationally known cartoonist (editorial and syndicated strip) best known as the creator of "Kudzu."

Lived in Durham with his parents from 195? (between 1953 and 1955)  to 1962, when they moved to Laurel, MS.

Father (Elmer) was a medic with the United States Marine Corps. Mother (Billie) worked as a secretary at Duke Hospital while in Durham.

Moved frequently in Durham:

1955: 418 Craven Street.

1956: 1511 Maryland Ave.

1958: 1409 Maryland Ave.

1959: 1409 Maryland Ave.

1960: 2020 Walnut St.

1961: 2020 Walnut St.


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